Welcome to the Raspberry Pi Geek Archive DVD!

More than 1,800 pages of information, projects, and fun!

Each issue of Raspberry Pi Geek is an adventure, with ingenious applications, cool projects, and expert advice on configuring, programming, and hardware hacking the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and other maker board systems.

Discover the secrets that will empower you to envision and build your own inventions. You'll find do-it-yourself, real-world projects that help you learn by doing, as well as tutorials that help you build your skills in Linux, electronics, breadboarding, analog devices, project design, integrated development environments, and more!

A special Kid Stop section features articles for and by kids, with projects that incorporate low-cost electronics and objects you can find around the house. You will also learn how to program in visual block-style languages, such as Scratch and Node-RED, as well as traditional languages like Python and C.

If you are curious, love to tinker and invent, and want to create your own projects, you'll want to explore this Raspberry Pi Geek Archive DVD.